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Professional fees:

Advanced Eye Examination £75 (£45 for 18-26 year olds)

A comprehensive service for all of your eye health needs. In addition to a thorough routine examination, this consultation includes any extra relevant tests including dry eye assessments, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), visual fields, contact tonometry and dilated examinations. This also includes repeat OCT and visual fields if required for up to 6 months.

NHS Eye Examination

NHS patients have the option to have a basic test which is completely covered by their NHS voucher (£21.31). This will entail a refraction and basic health examination. If any further investigations are recommended to aid in a diagnosis or monitor a condition, then you can choose to upgrade to the required tests at a cost, or be referred to the hospital for them to conduct the tests under the NHS.


Optical Coherence Tomography- £20

Dry Eye Assessment- £40

Non-Wales follow up/ further investigation appointment- £40

Emergency Appointments

Patients in Wales benefit from urgent eyecare appointments under the Welsh Eye Care Scheme (WECS). Unfortunately, if you are coming from England it is not covered and will be charged at:

-Adult £60

-Child £30

Reward Eyeplan membership - £10.95/month by direct debit

This membership entitles you to as many appointments as you require including any additional specialist assessments. You will receive considerable discounts on glasses and lenses (up to 40% off) as well as accidental damage insurance and other benefits. Minimum term is 18 months. (£131.40/year) Click here to find out more

Contact Lens Services

Contact Lens Fitting - £75

Contact lens fitting which includes as many appointments as required to settle on a contact lens specification, diagnostic contact lenses and as many ‘teach’ appointments as required. This fee is a deposit which you will have refunded once the contact lens fit is completed and you join our Eyeplan. In the unlikely event that you are not suitable for contact lenses we will also refund this amount to you.

Soft Contact Lens Aftercare/Re-fitting - £55

Contact lens aftercare to include prescription check, fit assessment and anterior eye health examination with fluorescein staining. At these appointments we will also endeavour to ensure you are in the most up to date lens for your requirements and re-fit you if required.

Contact Lens Eyeplan membership - £12.95/ month by direct debit

This membership entitles you to all the benefits of the Eyeplan membership as well as unlimited contact lens aftercares, discounts on contact lenses and solutions and delivery to your home address. This is ideal if you wear lenses 4 days a week or less. On this plan you can re-order lenses as and when you need to and pay as you go. (£155.40/year) Click here to find out more

Full Eyeplan

This membership is ideal for anyone wearing contact lenses for 5 or more days per week. You will receive all the benefits of our Contact lens eyeplan as well as receiving a further discount on lenses and benefiting from convenient automatic ordering with shipments direct to your specified address. For monthly lenses, solution is included in the cost. This membership is optional for daily lenses but essential for our monthly wearers.

Myopia Control Consultation - FREE

Consultation involving an in depth discussion and assessment to determine if Myopia intervention is an option for your child/ teenager. If Misight myopia control contact lenses are to be used, these and all services are charged at a fixed fee of £49/ month on direct debit.

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